At the BPO, we believe that access to the power of music is the right of every individual. Music is a unifier. Its deep and compelling impact moves across generations, cultures, genders and socio-economic classes. We invite the community to learn more and to hold us accountable to our ongoing commitment.

We believe . . .


Inclusion means opening the doors and welcoming all. At the BPO, we form inclusive partnerships within the Buffalo community, create inclusive programming, and encourage inclusive participation in everything that we do from employment to audience cultivation.

Diversity is an acknowledgement of the spectrum of differences across and among people. From programming to personnel, the audiences we serve, and communities we engage, we believe diversity is an essential aspect of our organization.

Equity ensures equal opportunity and fairness while acknowledging the unique lived experiences of each individual. While equality emphasizes sameness, equity embraces differences and intersectional identities, making it the culmination of diversity, inclusion, and access efforts. At the BPO, we commit to examining, challenging, and changing our policies and practices to help foster a more just and equitable society.

Access recognizes the diversity of human experience and ability. Accessibility practices create pathways to relevant, meaningful, and timely supports. In order to bring music to our audiences and bring our audiences to music, the BPO will continue to implement sustainable strategies and accommodations that help ensure access for all.

Commitment Statement

At the BPO, we aim to create a more vibrant community through art. In this pursuit, we make the following commitments to all of our stakeholders including: audience, donors, volunteers, students, staff, musicians, and board:

  1. We will articulate our definitions for equity, diversity, inclusion, and access and define our vision for how they manifest at the BPO.
  2. Our work in equity, diversity, inclusion, and access will be embedded in all areas of the organization: artistic development and operations, education, community engagement, marketing, fundraising, audience development, and recruitment of staff, musicians and board.
  3. We will ensure that all members of our community feel welcome and have a sense of belonging at the BPO.
  4. We will focus on our achievable impact by fostering ongoing dialogue and training for internal stakeholders and by leveraging partnerships near and far.
  5. Music education for the next generation of our audience, musicians, and staff is crucial to our mission and will be accessible to people of all races, genders, cultures and abilities, with the goal that the BPO will truly reflect our diverse community.
  6. We will examine and improve our practices and methods used to attract, hire, and retain talent, in order to diversify the make-up of our employees both on the stage and in the administration.
  7. The music we perform will celebrate and represent our whole, diverse community.
  8. The BPO will contribute to the pipeline of diverse talent through investment in targeted education programs, fellowship residencies/pre-professional programs or other methods.
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Our Goals

Our goals reflect our commitment to present diverse programming, to support artists of color, and to engage with every part of the Western New York community in a meaningful way.


Our Actions

We aim to align our actions with our goals and track our intentional progress towards a more inclusive organization.

BPO Diversity Council Logo-01

BPO Diversity Council

Formed in 2016, the BPO Diversity Council is comprised of community leaders, BPO staff, and musicians, and helps the BPO foster greater inclusion, diversity, equity and access within the organization and the classical music world.