Donor Lists

BPO Supporters

The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra gratefully acknowledges contributions, grants and sponsorships received from individuals, corporations and foundations $500 and above in the monthly program books and on this page. Click on the tabs below to see the names of these generous individuals and foundations who gave to the BPO through January 28, 2024. While the thousands upon thousands of donors whose gifts ranged from $1 to $499 are too numerous to list here, we gratefully acknowledge those additional individuals, groups, companies and foundations who give to us so generously.

Anonymous (2)
Clement* & Karen Arrison
Mr. Brent Baird
Brian and Barbara Baird
Mr. Bruce C. Baird & Mrs. Susan O’Connor-Baird
The Cameron and Jane Baird Foundation
Mark Chason & Mariana Botero Chason
The Robert and Patricia Colby Foundation
Cullen Foundation
Bob* and Doris Drago
Carol & Angelo Fatta
Robert J. & Martha B. Fierle Foundation
Carlos and Elizabeth Heath Foundation
Mr. Philip H. Hubbell
Wilfred and Joan Larson Fund
The Montgomery Family Foundation
Mulroy Family Foundation
Mr.* and Mrs. George F. Phillips, Jr.
The Walter E. Schmid Family Foundation Charitable Trust
Roy and Ruth Seibel Family Foundation
Christine Standish & Chris Wilk
Stephen Still & Terrie Tucker
Steve and Nicole Swift
Mr. Gerald K. Thomas*
The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation
John & Carolyn Yurtchuk


Anonymous (2)
Cindy Abbott Letro and Francis Letro
Sue Fay Allen and Carl Klingenschmitt
The Baird Foundation
Mr. Charles Balbach
The Better Buffalo Fund at the CFGB
Frank and Wilma Cipolla
Arthur W. and Elaine I. Cryer
Ms. JoAnn Falletta and Mr. Robert Alemany
Judith Fisher
Ronald Frank* and Anne Schneider
Patricia and William Frederick
Friends of the BPO
George and Bodil Gellman
Mr. and Mrs.* George G. Herbert
Hooper Legacy Foundation
Bonnie and Nick Hopkins
Clement and Margot Ip
Mrs. Ellen T. Koessler
Bradford Lewis
Donald MacDavid Charitable Trust
Mr.* and Mrs. Reginald B. Newman II
The Vincent and Harriet Palisano Foundation
Gilbert Schulenberg
Robin Schulze and Adam Rome
Joseph and Carole Sedita
Lowell and Ellen Shaw
Sonny and Diane Sonnenstein
David M. Stark and Cynthia Baird Stark
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Steinwachs
Scott R. and Rachel C. Stenclik
Gary and Katharina Szakmary
The Honorable Erin Peradotto Terhaar and Mr. George Terhaar
Jack Walsh, in memory of Connie Walsh
Mrs. Martha Welte
Bob and Judy Wetter


Anonymous (3)
Vanda and Paul Albera
Eileen M. and Erik S. Anderson
Ansie Baird
James and Linda Beardi
James M. Beardsley and Ellen M. Gibson
Gary and Willow Brost
Mr. Joseph F. Casey
William and Ida Christie Fund for Music
Conable Family Foundation
Michael D’Ambrosio
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. DePaolo
Sally and Don Dussing
Stephen Edge and Cynthia Swain
Lynne Marie Finn
Edward N. Giannino, Jr.
E. Joseph and Lynne Giroux
Sarah Goodyear
Ms. Constance A. Greco
Barbara and Daniel Hart
Michele O. Heffernan and John J. Cordes
Philip and Marion Henderson
David and Eva Herer
John and Janice Horn
Mr. William Russell Hurd
John J. and Maureen O. Hurley
Linda Johnson and Sanford Eisen
Joy Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs.* Philip Kadet – The Linton Foundation
Dr. George and Mrs. Carolyn Kotlewski
Paul R. Lazarus, Jr.
Warren P. Lippa and David Zawistowski
Mr. Ron Luczak and Mr. Michael Boland
The MAK Fund
Charles and Judith Manzella
Stephen McCabe and Gretchen Wylegala
E. Dennis* and Sandra McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Peter McCauley
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Newman
Patricia Drown Notarius
A. Douglas Oak
Michelle and Gerald Parrish
Mrs. Susan A. Potter
Patricia Prentice and James Grunebaum
Joseph and Linda Priselac
Mr. Dennis P. Quinn
David and Joan Rogers
Dr. Richard J. Saab and Maureen Wilson Saab
Dr. Maxine Seller
Drs. Monica and Stephen Spaulding
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sperrazza
Ronald L. Struzik
Mr.* and Mrs. John C. Thompson
Tyberg Musical Legacy Fund at FJP
Robert and Nancy Warner Memorial Fund at the FJP
Mr. Christopher Wende
Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Legacy Funds at CFGB
John and Deanna Zak
Dr. Elisabeth Zausmer and Dr. Angel A. Gutierrez


Anonymous (2)
Dr. George N. Abraham
Douglas Bean and Elisa Kreiner
Dr. David B. Bender
Thomas R. Boeck
Ann N. Bonte
The Buyer Family
Joanne Castellani and Michael Andriaccio
Anne Conable
Teresa Danforth
Richard and Cornelia Dopkins
AnneMarie Farmer and David Gaydosh
Ms. Mary A. Ferguson
Thomas and Grace* Flanagan
Ilene and Peter Fleischmann
Eileen and Laurence Franz
Joseph and Anna Gartner Foundation
Dr. Samuel Goodloe, Jr.
Dave and Katie Hayes
Dr. Barbara W. Henderson
Ms. Pennie C. Hoage
Dr. and Mrs. David Hohn
Thomas and Martha Hyde
Robert and Hana Jacobi
Thomas and Deborah Jasinski
Mr. William P. Keefer
Joseph M. Kelly and Nancy Leafdale
Dwight E. King and Leslie Duggleby
Rosalind and Michael Kochmanski
Dr. Daniel Kosman and Dr. Gabriela Popescu
Susan B. Lee
Steve and Sandy Levinthal
Anne Mallonee and Tony Furnivall
William and Jane Mathias
Elsie P. and Lucius B. McCowan Private Charitable Foundation
Denise L. Meyers-Rezabek
David and Gail Miller
Michael and Lorrie Munschauer
Mary Jane and Walter Pawlowski
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Polokoff
John and Betty Preble
Ms. Georgeann W. Redman
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Renner
Ken Schmieder and Nancy Julian*
Benjamin and M. Madalene Smith Charitable Endowment Fund
Joseph R. Takats Foundation
Drs. Mark and Maansi Travers
Gregory and Donna Yungbluth


Anonymous (4)
Morton and Natalie Abramson
Dr. and Mrs. Fred and Bonnie Albrecht
JoAnne and James* Alderfer
Mr. Robert Allein
John and Elizabeth Angelbeck
Reverend James M. Augustyn
Mr. and Mrs. Teo Balbach
Mary L. and Ronald E.* Banks
Mr. Steve Earnhart and Mrs. Jennifer Barbee
Thomas R. Beecher, Jr.
Peg Beyer
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Judith Bihl
Dr. Ann M. Bisantz and Dr. Albert H. Titus
Davis Bradley
Derek and Laura Brann
Mr. and Mrs. William Brucker
Marla and Robert Bujnicki
Mr. and Mrs. John Burkholder
Dr. and Mrs. John L. Butsch
William Catto
Cheryl I. Christie
Dr. Sebastian* and Marilyn Ciancio
Margaret Clarke
Dr. Michael E. and Mrs. Joan Cohen
Ann Holland Cohn Endowment Fund at the FJP
John and Patricia Connolly
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Constantine
Dr. and Mrs. Harold G. Corwin, Jr.
Ms. Ellen J. Daly
Rosemary Dannhauser
Beverly Davies
Sheryl and Jason Davies
Mr. John and Mrs. Mary Davis
Clotilde and Trey Dedecker
Dr. Juan F. De Rosas
James and Mary Frances Derby
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Detwiler
Mr. John M. Dicky
Duane and Nancy DiPirro
Ms. Rosemary Christoff Dolan in memory of Gerald Christoff, composer and pianist
The Dowdell Family
Ellen and Victor* Doyno
Dean and Karen Drew
Patricia K. Duffner
Amy P. Early, M.D.
Edward G. Eberl
Jill Feasley and Kurt Lawson
Brenda and Eric Feldstein
Mr. and Mrs.* Donald R. Ferguson
Marta N. Fernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Kim A. Ferullo
Edward J. Fine
Joyce E. Fink
Timothy and Deborah Finnell
Mr. John F. Fleischman, Jr.
Robert and Ruth Fleming
The Honorable Leslie G. and Mr. Robert Foschio
Howard and Laurie Foster
Ms. Margaret A. Frainier
Sue Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Giambra
Mrs. Zella M. Glickman
Carol A. Golder
Marc J. Goldstein
Graham-Kucera Philanthropic Fund at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo
George and Cecelia Grasser
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Greene
Kenneth W. Gross
Matt Gryta and Adrienne Tworek-Gryta
Van Ness Harwood, Jr.
Joan Hetzelt Hanifin Memorial Fund at the CFGB
Ms. Sharon M. Heim and Mr. David Wahl
Carla J. Hengerer
Nancy Higgins
Lynn Hirsch
Duncan C. Hollinger
Marie S. and Frederic K. Houston Fund at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo
Mr. Bernhard J. Huber, Jr.
Shirley P. Hudders
Mrs. Pamela R. Jacobs
Dr. Thomas A. Jambro
Kevin and Kelly James
Karen Jarvis
Luella H. Johnson
Craig and Deborah Johnston
Bruce and Gail* Johnstone
Mr. Alex Jokipii and Ms. Shari L. McDonough
Mr. and Mrs. Benoy Joseph
Dr. Faye E. Justicia-Linde
Mr. Charles J. Kaars
Dr. Kenneth and Linda A. Kahn
Ms. Jennifer Kartychak
Theresa Kazmierczak
Dr. Kathleen Keenan-Takagi
Mr. Richard Keil
Verna Kieffer
Carol and John* Kociela
Mr. and Mrs. Jean Pierre A. Koenig
Kenneth and Paula Koessler
Bob and Liz Kolken
Risé and Kevin* Kulick
Drs. Jeffery Lackner and Ann Marie Carosella
Toby and John M. Laping
Mr. Donald Latt
Dr. John Leddy and Dr. Carmen Alvarez
Legacy II Fund at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo
Msgr. Fred Leising
Ms. Ann W. Lewis
Robert J. Liguori
Drs. David B. and Madeline A. Lillie
Catherine and Matt Lincoln
Ms. Sarah Mahoney
Randy and Diana Martinusek
George L. Mayers
Ms. Barbara Mellerski-Farkas
Mr.* and Mrs. Sheldon E. Merritt
Susan and Richard Minekime
Mitchell Family Philanthropic Fund at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo
Anne Moot
Susan Morgenstern and Mark Lauretig
Dr. Joshua Morra
Ms. Sharon F. Mortin
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Mucci
Sandra Mundier
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Nice
Dr. Thomas Nochajski
Dr. Michael F. Noe
Marie and Jay Novello
Mr. and Mrs. Randall M. Odza
Ms. Catherine F. Parker
Mr. Rick Paulson
Lois and Tom Pause
PCG Family Philanthropic Foundation Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Penepent, Jr
Richard and Karen Penfold
David Schopp and Mark Peszko
Ms. Christye Peterson and Mr. Peter J. Grogan
Gregory Photiadis and Sandy Chelnov
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Plyler
Karen L. Podd
Keith and Beth Podgorny
Henry Porter
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Pranikoff
Joseph and Pamela Priest
Scott F. Propeack and Heidi Freedman
Theodore Pyrak
Peter and Nancy Rabinowitz
Jennifer Read and Craig Colder
Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Righter
Al and Cindy Ripley
Mr. and Mrs. Casimiro D. Rodriguez
Drs. John K. and Sheliah Roehmholdt
Mary Anne Rokitka
Mr. Thomas Rolle and Ms. Deborah Henning
Ms. Elaine Rubenstein
Mr. Philip Rumore
Revs. Melody and Rodney Rutherford
William F. Savino and Elizabeth M. Savino
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Schaefer
Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Schintzius
S and J Schwartz Fund at the CFGB
Michael and Sandra Sexton
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Seymour
Caren and Stuart C. Shapiro
Larry and Barbara Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Sherman
Charles E. and Penelope R. Shuman Philanthropic Fund
Dr. Joyce E. Sirianni
Mr. Richard Smith III
Rev. Jonathan R. and Mrs. Tanya Staples
Jan Svec
Patricia and Thomas Symons
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Szymkowiak
Mr. Ronald G. and Mrs. Margaret N. Talboys
John and Susan Thomas
Ms. Nancy Thomas
Ann and Steve Timmel
Hon. and Mrs. Paul A. Tokasz
Robin and Sharon Tomasula Foundation at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo
Michael Toner and Paulette Crooke
Lyle and Phil Toohey
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Vaughan
Sidney and Gayle Walton
Nellie B. Warner Endowment Fund
William Weiss
Richard and Janet Wetter
Bud and Sandy Whistler
Mr. and Mrs. K. Wiedenhaupt
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Wiesen
Donna and Barry Winnick
Arden and Julie Wrisley
Dr. Charles and Maura Yates
Cynthia Zane and Stephen Mazurak*
Mr. Paul Zarembka
Drs. Bill Ziter and Cathy Gogan


Anonymous (6)
Lisa Abeyounis
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Arena
Susan Baird
John and Anita Ballow
Drs. Kevin and Elizabeth Barlog
Mark and Debbie Bauer
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Bedell
Mr. Donald M. Behr
Berardi Immigration Law
Mr. Richard Biel and Mrs. Maris Battaglia-Biel
Michael and Nancy Brady
Bruce and Jill Brown
Ms. Bette J. Brunish
Richard D. and Barbara A. Brzyski
Dr. Gale Burstein and Dr. Peter Bloom
Tim and Mary Lou Butler
Chris Burner and Amanda Simmons
Margaret C. Callanan
Dr. Mireya B. Camurati
Daniel Cantor
Joseph and Susan Cardamone
Mrs. Lois M. Carter
Jerry* and Barbara Castiglia
Dr. Gregory Castiglia and Dr. Valerie Zingapan
Jackie Castle
Philip and Joyce Celniker Family Fund
Joanne and Nikki Chooi
Miss Victoria A. Christopher
Mr. Daniel Clark
Joanne and Frank Collins Charitable Foundation
Bob and Susan Conklin
Mrs. Andrea and Dr. Donald Copley
Brian G. Cushing
Jane M. D’Agostino
Jonathan Dewald
Wendy Diina
Miriam and Peter Dow
Drs. Philip Dvoretsky and Linda Ludwig
Mr. Arthur Efron
Dr. Richard S. Elman and Dr. Nora Meaney-Elman
Dr. and Mrs. Murray Ettinger
Mrs. Judith Ferrentino
Mr. and Mrs. Karl D. Fiebelkorn
Michael R. Fiels Family
John and Imelda Fitzpatrick
Dr. Peter Fletcher
Ms. Susan Fox-Priebe
Patricia B. Frey, Ed.D.
Mr. and Mrs. David Fried
Rick Friend
Mrs. Joanne Gaffin
Paul and Kathy Glaeser
Ms. Caroline Goldzweig
Gondree Family Fund at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo
Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Grace
Mrs. Anne Grandmaison
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Greenlee
Ms. Jane Griffin
Peter M. Hall and M.E. O’Leary
Martha Haseley
Dr. and Mrs. Reid R. Heffner, Jr.
Ms. Nancy R. Hefner
Mrs. Patricia Helfrich
Mr. Fred R. and Ms. Patricia Hemmer
Ann W. Herman
Dr. Theodore Herman and Ms. Judith Ann Cohen
Ms. Olive Marie Hewett
Richard and Laura Hill
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Hinds, III
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Virginia Hohl
Arleen Hollas
Richard and Elizabeth Holmes
David and Karen Howard
Hunt Charitable Foundation
Mary Hurley
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Jacobs
William and Genevieve James
Gail and Patrick Janiga
Paul and Mary Jenks
Carl and Sue Jennings
Kathy Jordan
Miss Donna M. Juenker
Drs. Richard and Barbara Jurasek
Jane and John Kearns
Milton Kicklighter
Ms. Shari Kiesow
Robert and Barbara Klocke
Julie Klotzbach and Gary Diamond
Tom and Sherry Knowles
Paul and Peggy Koppmann
James Kramer
Jerry and Trish Krzesinski
Joan Kuhn
Dave and Marilyn Kurzawa
Dr. Kevin W. and Ms. Kelly A. Lanighan
Concetta M. LaPenna
Kathleen Le Fauve
Jane and Paul Lehman
Fern and Joel Levin
Dr.* and Mrs. Harold J. Levy
Mr. Douglas J. Levy
Dr. Sanford Levy
Christopher Lightcap
Howard and Lorna Lippes
Andree and Joel Lippes Fund at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo
Vincent John Litwin
Joelle Logue
Dr. Thomas and Donna Lombardo
Mrs. Olga Lownie
Ms. Donna J. Ludwig
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred F. Luhr III
Mr. Robert Macvittie
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Mantai
Judy Marine
Mrs. Sally Marks
Robert and Elsie Martino
Linda Buerk Matt
Ms. Elaine Mackensen May
Dr. Philip and Mrs. Jane McCarthy
Ms. Ann P. McElroy
Jean McGarry and James F. Cunning
Louise McGrath
Mr. Daniel McNamara
Michael and Lucille Melton
Dr. and Mrs. Franklin H. Meyer
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Kathleen Meyers
Dr. Donald and Mrs. Marilyn Miller
John Milner
Herman and Patricia Mogavero
Mary Moglia-Cannon
Mr. Andrew Moon
Robert and Nancy Morey
Ms. Amy Moritz
Sandra G. Morrison
Dr. Robert Moskowitz and Dr. Mary McGorray
Mr. Thomas Munger
Brian and Jayne Murray
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Nancy Murray
Mr. and Mrs. John Newall
Russell A. Newbert
Philip Nicolai and Mary Louise Hill
Mr. Phillip L. Nones
Susan D. Nusbaum
Bernard and Linda O’Donnell
Benjamin and Lila Obletz Endowment Fund
Jeremy and Sally Oczek
Barbara Ann Oliver
Lori Pacer
Mr. Gerald Pacillo
Laurence and Sylvia Paul
Robert S. Petersen
James and Nancy Poole
Ms. Carol Dean Privitera
Charles and Joanne Privitera
Dr. Igor and Dr. Martina Puzanov
Jean K. Rachlin
Deborah Raiken and Charles Korn
Linda and Patrick J. Rankin
Mrs. Kathrin Reid
Mrs. Donna Reinbolt
West and Alexandra Richter
Randolph and Cathy Ritz
David J. Roberts
Joseph J. Roetter
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Romano
Kathleen Ryan and Paul Rutledge
Mr. Ricardo Saeb
Ann B. Salter
Scott and Ardeen Schaefer
Dr. William L. Scheider and Marcia A. Wopperer
Ms. Ellen M. Scherer
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Schifeling
Linda M. Schineller
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Schlegel
Ms. Betty J. Schultz
Dr. Mary Ellen Shaughnessy
Ms. Nancy Shepard
Joseph A. Shifflett
Mary Anne Seifert
Dr. Peter Siedlecki and Lynnette Mende
Mr. and Mrs. Roger T. Sieracki
Rev. Charles Slisz
Lynne G. Smith
Melissa and Kurt Spaeth
Mr. John Spears
JoAnn Spees
Dr. Rabie N. Stephan and Dr. Eugena B. Stephan
Stephen Stewart
Cynthia Bingham Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Thompson
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Tomasi
Dr. Garin Tomaszewski
Ms. Sylvia Tourbaf
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur V. Traver, Jr.
Sheila Trossman
Frederick Turner
Chris and Kathy Tzetzo Charitable Fund
Susan and Ron Uba
Janet D. Vine
Carolyn and Joe Voelkl
Mr. William Vosteen
Mr. Rudolph Vrbsky
Ms. Marlene A. Werner
Ms. Karen Wielinski
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Winkelstein
Dr. Ann K. Wittkowsky and Katherine Powell
Martin Wolpin
Ms. Kelly Ann Wright
Ms. Mary Lou T. Wyrobek
The Yadzinski Family


Anonymous (17)
Ms. Gail Adema
Ms. Mary Louise Albert
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Amigone III
Stephanie and Geoffrey Amsel
Adeline Angevine
Mrs. Monique Apen
Drs. Kenneth and Marilyn Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Barry
Daniel and Mary Bartels
Mrs. Maris Battaglia-Biel
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Bedell
Nina Wright
Mrs. Irene E. Beitz
Dr. Dean Bellavia
Ms. Mary Bierfeldt-Mills
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Birmingham
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Bisson
Eric & Laurie Bloom
Renate Bob
Leon and Roberta Borden
Julie & Salvatore Bordonaro
Mr. Nathan Bourke
Barry & Jana Boyer
Mr. and Mrs. Hilary P. Bradford
Nellie Brown & Gerard Fonte
Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Brzyski
Dr. Steven H. Buck
Rose Marie Budnick
Mr. Norbert Bukowski II
Mr. and Ms. Randall Burkard
Mr. Christopher Butler
The Buyer Family
Dr. and Mrs. John J. Callahan Jr
J. Capodicasa
Ms. Lesley Carlson
Ms. Doreen Casacci
Ms. Mary Anne Casey
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Cassetta
Mr. Mark Cavalcoli
Joyce & Philip Celniker
Frank Cerny
Marianne Chiumento
R. Lorraine Collins
Mr. Al M. Colucci
Ms. Francine Conti
Dr. and Mrs. John Coyne
Joel and Pattie Daniels
Mrs. Teresa David
Rebecca and John Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. David Day
Joseph & Carol Deck
Robert and Elouise DeFilippo
Mr. and Mrs. Daryl W. Dekalb
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Desha
Ms. Barbara A. Diebold
Father Gregory Dobson
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Kourides
Ms. Donna M. Doyle
Robert G. Dunford
Mary & Frank Eberl
Marla Eglowstein
Nitza Ellis and Robert Berger
Mr. Henry & Mrs. J.M. Ensminger
Joan Michael Eschner
Julie B. Estenoz
Bill Fay
Mr. Paul F. Fenzel
Dr. W. Ferguson
Teresa M. Ferraro
Mr. Brian Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. R. Fitzgerald
Mr. Carl Forbes
Ms. Susan Fox-Priebe
Bill and Anna Foy
Robert and Judith Galganski
Scott and Danis Gehl
Don Gibson
Mrs. Patricia Glaser
Dennis Gleason
Peter Gold & Athalie Joy
Ms. Jo Anne Goldfarb
Ms. Ellen Goldstein
Ms. Peggy Grandinetti
Mr. Keith A. Grover
Mr.* and Mrs. David A. Guthrie
The Normandy Fund at CFGB
Ms. Jane Hamilton
L. Haniford
Mr.* and Mrs. David Harbeck
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Haremza
Ms. Nancy R. Hefner
Robert & Norma Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Henry
Amy & Eduardo Heumann
Mr. Thomas F. & Ms. Sharon Hewner
Mrs. Lucinda Hickey
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hinners, Jr.
Charles & Janet Hodges
James & Eileen Hoffman
Mrs. Perryann Hoffman
Mr. David J. Hofmeier
Mrs. Fran Holmes
Audrey Horbett
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis K. Howard
Mr. Greg Hunter
Marjorie Inderbitzen
Marion Iwinski
Ms. Karen Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Jacobs
Gail & Patrick Janiga
Mrs. Cathleen Jeffers
Mr. and Mrs. Jan Jezioro
Mrs. Alison C. Johansson
Karen Marie Jones
Karen Jones
Mr. Michael D. Jozwiak
Nathan Kahn
Mr. Christopher Kameck
Ms. Mary Ruth Kapsiak
Dr. Leonard & Ms. Judith Katz
Bruce Keiser
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Kester
Ms. Kathryn Killelea
Mr. Barry M. & Ms. Catherine N. Kilpatrick
Linda Kingsbury
Ms. Bettyann Kinyoun
Mr. & Mrs. Louis & Karen Kish
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Knopeck
Tom and Sherry Knowles
Phillip Kollmeyer and Pinar Okamus
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Konopa
James & Mona Kontos
Ms. Linda S. Kramer
John and Nancy Krestic
Temi Kucinski
Virginia Kuebler & David Romanczak
Mr. and Mrs. Boris W. Kuvshinoff II
Mr. David E. & Ms. Ruth E. Lampe
Ms. Myra Lawrence
Mr. Gary M. Lee
Mrs. Gretchen Leffler
Rev. John J. Leising
Dr. Susan Leist
Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Lema
Carole J. Levine
Thomas A. Lewandowski
Mrs. Barbara Libby
Kenneth and Suzanne Licata
Mr. Byron Lockwood
Ms. Marty Lyons
James* and Linda Mabry
Karen Magee
Ms. Sandra B. Marcussen
Robert & Elsie Martino
Gary & Marguerite Matz
Mr. Michael Maute
Kathleen A. McCarthy
Mr. Scott W. McCone
Mr. John T. McGrath
Mrs. Norman McLaughlin
Mrs. Diane Melerski
John & Marilyn* Melithoniotes
Mr. David Meltzer
Ms. Nancy A. DeTine
Arlene Merowitz
Sarah G. Metzger
Mr. Gerald & Mrs. Kathleen Meyers
Ted Mlynarski
Mary Moglia-Cannon
Margy & Tom Montante
Mrs. Louise Mookerjee
John and Joan Mooney
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morales
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Morrissey
Thomas Muka & Juliann Van Woert
Ms. Pamela E. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Murphy
Mrs. Nancy B. Murray & Mr. Brian Murray
Mrs. James F. Musial
Ms. Rachel Neff
Rob & Pat Neill
Russell A. Newbert
Ed & Dawn Northwood
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O’Connor
Susan Z. Ott
Ms. Elaine M. Panty
James and Gloria Paul
Mr. James Pegolotti
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey F. Peters
Ms. Kelly Philips
Kathleen Piske
Mr. and Mrs. David Polsinelli
John & Anne Ptak
Lee and Kay Puma
Martha J. Reddout
Judy Reich
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Ried
Sandra Rifkin and Michael Mesirov
Kenneth and Kathleen Rogers
Roddy* & Mary Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ronald
Sarah Ronchetti
Mr. Robert J. Root
Dr. Michael S. Rosenberg and Mr. Alan C. LeManski
Fred W. Rushton
Kathleen Ryan and Paul Rutledge
Fero and Nancy Sadeghian
Ms. Christine Sands-Vizzari
Mr. Mahesh Sankaran
Dr. William L. Scheider
Angela and Dennis Scherer
William and Ramona Schickling
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Schlegel
James and Gayle Schober
Sally Schubert
Alvin Schuster & Gladys Gifford
Dr. John Segmen* and Arlene Miles
Kathy and Bob Shaw
Mr. Robert Silkes
Mr. Robert and Ms. Carolyn Sillars
Ms. Amanda Simmons
Rev. Charles Slisz
Mr. and Mrs. Matt St. John
Debra & Robert Stachura
Joyce Steckman
Susan M. Stievater
Akron Animal Hospital
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Sutherland
Eileen Syvles
Ms. Mary J. Syrak
Mr. and Mrs. Irving H. Tesmer
Edward and Dr. Barbara Teter
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Thompason
Mr. Guido A. Tomassi
John H. Twist, D.D.S.
Susan & David Udin
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald B. Unger
Stephen J. Urbaniak
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo & Amanda Vellake
Mr. Gerald Verdi
Jessica & Victor Viola
Carolyn & Joe Voelkl
Jerry & Linda Ward
Don & Nancy Ware
Angeline Webb
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Weisenborn
Mrs. Jacquelyn Wells
Mr. Edmund V. Wick
Mr. Stephen Wieczorek and Ms. Martha McLaughlin
Mr. David & Ms. Judith Wieserner
Michelle Willax
Mr. William C. Williams and Ms. Patricia G. Poole
Martin Wolpin
Ms. Kathleen Zilbauer and Mr. John T. Doyle

Sponsor A Musician

We are truly fortunate to have some of the world’s finest players among our ranks. Sponsor A Musician offers you the unique ability to support a musician of your choice. To learn more about the Sponsor a Musician program, please contact Jacqueline Chagnon at (716) 242-7829 or The following musicians have been sponsored for the 2022-2023 season:

Nikki Chooi, concertmaster
Sponsored by Clement and Karen Arrison

Xiaofan Liu, 2nd asst. concertmaster
Sponsored by Michael D’Ambrosio

Douglas Cone, first violin
Sponsored by Bradford Lewis

Diana Sachs, first violin
Sponsored by Dr. Richard J. Saab & Maureen Wilson Saab

Alan Ross, first violin
Sponsored by Anthony J.* and Carmela M. Colucci

Andrea Blanchard-Cone, first violin
Sponsored by Drs. Clement and Margot Ip

Loren Silvertrust, first violin
Sponsored by Mrs. George F. Phillips, Jr.

Hee Sagong, first violin
Sponsored by Linda Johnson and Sandford Eisen

Antoine Lefebvre, principal second violin
Sponsored by Ronald Frank* and Anne Schneider

Jacqueline Galluzzo, assoc. principal second violin
Sponsored by Sandra and Dennis McCarthy

Robert Prokes, second violin
Sponsored by Ansie Baird

Shieh-Jian Tsai, second violin
Sponsored by David I. Herer

Caroline Gilbert, principal viola
Sponsored by Bruce and Gail Johnstone

Anna Shemetyeva, assoc. principal viola
Sponsored by Christine Standish & Chris Wilk

Matthew Phillips, viola
Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. George G. Herbert

Kate Holzemer, viola
Sponsored by Ms. Cindy Abbott Letro and Mr. Francis M. Letro

Natalie Piskorsky, viola
Sponsored by Dr. Patricia and Burt* Notarius

Janz Castelo de Armas, viola
Sponsored by Anthony J. and Barbara Cassetta

Joshua Lohner, viola
Sponsored by Eileen M. and Erik S. Anderson

Feng Hew, assoc. principal cello
Sponsored by Kenneth Schmieder, In loving memory of Nancy L. Julian

Nancy Anderson, cello
Sponsored by Stephen Still and Terrie Tucker

Robert Hausmann, cello
Sponsored by The Honorable Erin Peradotto Terhaar and Mr. George Terhaar

David Schmude, cello
Sponsored by Jim and Michal Wadsworth

Amelie Fradette, cello
Sponsored by Ms. Cindy Abbott Letro and Mr. Francis M. Letro

Brett Shurtliffe, assoc. principal bass
Sponsored by Mr. Bruce C. Baird and Mrs. Susan O’Connor-Baird

Jonathan Borden, bass
Sponsored by Edward N. Giannino, Jr.

Christine Bailey Davis, principal flute
Sponsored by Sue Fay & Carl

Henry Ward, principal oboe
Sponsored by Bob and Judy Wetter

Joshua Lauretig, oboe
Sponsored by Sonny & Diane Sonnenstein

Anna Mattix, oboe/English horn
Sponsored by Bonnie and Nick Hopkins

William Amsel, principal clarinet
Sponsored by Dr. Gilbert Schulenberg

Patti DiLutis, clarinet
Sponsored by Dennis P. Quinn

Glenn Einschlag, principal bassoon
Sponsored by Barbara B. Bunker

Doron Laznow, bassoon
Sponsored by Dr. Elizabeth Zausmer & Dr. Angel A. Gutierrez

Daniel Kerdelewicz, assoc. principal, french horn
Sponsored by Gretchen Wylegala and Steven McCabe

Jay Matthews, French horn
Sponsored by Philip H. Hubbell, in loving memory of Jayne T. Hubbell

Alex Jokipii, principal trumpet
Sponsored by Jennifer Dowdell, in memory of Charles and Nancy Dowdell

Geoffrey Hardcastle, trumpet
Sponsored by Drs. Monica and Stephen Spaulding

Philip Christner, trumpet
Sponsored by Frank and Wilma Cipolla

Jonathan Lombardo, principal trombone
Sponsored by Nicole and Stephen Swift

Timothy Smith, trombone
Sponsored by Arthur W. and Elaine I. Cryer

Filipe Pereira, bass trombone
Sponsored by Constance A. Greco

Matthew Bassett, principal timpani
Sponsored by Bonnie and Nick Hopkins

Mark Hodges, principal percussion
Sponsored by Vanda and Paul Albera

Dinesh Joseph, percussion
Sponsored by Lynne Marie Finn, on behalf of Broadleaf Results

Madeline Olson, principal harp
Sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. Curtis F. Holmes