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Harnessing Technical Skills and Autism

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It all starts with mobile technology and a young child who has autism. Harnessing technical skills and autism go hand in hand.

Powers of Technology and Autism

Children with autism tend to like structure and predictability and are largely visual learners. Mobile apps designed for kids with special needs have been found to bridge the gap by providing an engaging mode to communicate and learn.

With this in mind, can an autism diagnosis become an obstacle to develop a meaningful career? The nonPareil Institute in Plano, TX, provides technical training, teaching software skills to students with autism and then hires those students to design games, apps and eBooks. Technology can be very predictable, structured and highly visual which is why this career is a perfect fit. Introducing young children with autism to technology early can lead to a fulfilling career and productive lives.

We’ve gone full circle with this: young children with autism benefitting from apps developed by adults with autism who may in turn develop technology for future generations to come.

For more information about nonPareil, visit their website: